6.1 The method of obtaining tickets is related to the payment method you choose and the interval between the date of booking and the date of the event. Whatever your method of payment (bank check or credit card), and if time permits, your tickets will be sent by mail. Alternatively they will be available at the Association Les Sarmentelles office (+33 (0) or at the main entrance of the dinner. The rate on the credit card is independent of the actual withdrawal of tickets. In any case, tickets are settled

6.2 Shipments are made by ordinary mail (with a processing fee of 2 euros per order).

6.3 The payment voucher and tickets are shipped to the address you provide during the ordering process.

6.4 Security - it is not possible to be admitted to the entry multiple times with the same ticket. Ticket reproduction is prohibited and will give you no benefit. Only the first person to present the ticket will be allowed to attend the event. It is presumed to be the lawful holder of the ticket. It is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or counterfeit ticket in any way or making it available for such purposes. Keep your ticket in a safe place. Use only a formal sales channel to purchase your ticket. Never accept a ticket that is offered by a stranger, it could be a copy. The organizer may refuse entries to the event when several prints, reproductions, copies or imitations of a ticket are outstanding and that access to the event has previously been granted to the holder of an impression, a reproduction, copy or imitation of the corresponding ticket. The organizer has not to check the person's identity with the ticket to verify that it is indeed the ticket purchaser, nor to check the authenticity of

the ticket in since imitation or copy cannot be identified beyond doubt as such at the entry check at the event. If the holder of a ticket has been refused admission for this reason during an access control, there is no right to a refund of the price paid.


7.1 No withdrawal right pursuant to Article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, tickets are not subject withdrawal.

7.2 A show ticket cannot be refunded even if lost or stolen, returned or exchanged except in case of cancellation of the event. This refund will intervene only for the original purchaser against presentation of the ticket. A ticket cannot be resold at a higher price than the said ticket. No duplicate tickets will be issued even in the event of loss or theft. When checking at the entrance of the place of the event, a valid identity card with a photo may be required and it must match the name registered on the ticket.